Not all domain names are created equal.


If you think domain name registrars all charge the same price, think again.

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Why domain names aren't all equal...

Going online

So, you've brainstormed your idea, planned everything down to the smallest detail and now you're ready to go online.

Or maybe you just want to secure your domain until you're ready.

If you're like most people you'll probably buy from the first website you find that sells domain names, and then feel all nice and smug inside.

Cool! But, even cooler...

If you took the time and shopped around you could actually save yourself some money!

How to save money on your new domain

By shopping around on the Internet you could save up to 30% or more on the price of your domain and also on the renewal fees.

Domainzfinder(TMsaves you all the hassle of running around to find the best price.

We've brought together some of Internet's leading ICANN-accredited domain registrars known for offering low prices,  all in one place.

How to find your perfect domain

Our free domain price comparison tools can help you to find your perfect domain - and save you money.

Our domain checker will let you know if the domain you want is available, and will offer some alternatives if it isn't.

But, if you need some ideas our domain generator can offer you some suggestions.

I found the domain that I wanted and saved around 32% on the price.

Frederico Da Sliva


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